Sunday, February 17, 2013

The first of my aims..

In the first post of this blog, I mentioned that I warned to get a tailwheel rating this year. Well, thanks to Adrian over at the British Aerobatic Academy and Lauren from The Aerobatic Project, it looks like I will be able to achieve this very, very soon indeed.

Having spoke to Adrian about it, I have made the choice to do it in his aircraft, the wonderful Extra 200 that is G-EEEK, based down in Little Gransden, Cambridgeshire.

The tailwheel conversation itself appears to be a fairly straightforward affair, comprising of roughly 5 hours flying and a fairly sizeable amount of ground briefs and debriefs, just like you would expect. As you may know if you follow the antics of @groovy_nut on Twitter, they are in the process of acquiring a Piper Cub, but aren't quite there yet. So, for that reason, I believe I shall be doing the conversation on the Extra 200 instead. Just to make it clear: I'm not complaining! It means I may be able to do some aerobatics also!

I shall keep you updated when I start doing this, and will post some pictures and an overview of what I've learnt. Until then, safe flying!

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