Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Adventure..

Late last year, I attended a talk by Steve O'Bryan, the vice president of the F-35 integration and business development programme, at No. 4 Hamilton Place, London. This should have been a simple talk, some light refreshments and a chance to meet some new, and interesting, individuals.

I did meet interesting individuals, and that in turn has led to interesting prospects. In the first post on this blog, I mentioned some snow, a few pilots, and an aircraft. Remember? These people are all aviators with one common goal: to achieve something unusual and out of the ordinary on a standard PPL.

So, "what is the goal?" you may ask. I must stress it is very much in the planning at the moment, up in the air, if you will. Currently we are discussing two things:
A flight over the North Pole
A flight from the UK to Cape Town, South Africa.

As you may expect, the flight to the North Pole is what we originally discussed at the talk, and is still possible: it just needs some careful planning and consideration to make it happen. We have currently talked to the likes of Polly Vacher (Wings around the World) and Timothy Nathan of the AOPA about our plans, and we hope to start to make them a reality in the coming months and years.

For now, however, you can follow our progress on Twitter: @PPLInitiativeX

Safe flying,

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