Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why the blog?

Hello, and to anyone who may be reading this, thank you!
Having written for blogs in the past, this is the first time that I've ever had one myself, so bare with me whilst I figure out how everything works!

So, the reason I wanted it set up the blog is to keep people informed with what flying related endeavours I get up to over the coming weeks, months and years. I want to keep this first post brief, so I'll just give you a flavour of what I am hoping to get up up to this year:
  • Start my ATPLs - I shall be doing this via the modular routing with BCFT at Bournemouth Airport
  • Go to Florida and do some hour building - more in depth posts on this in the future
  • Get a tailwheel rating and maybe take a look into aerobatics
  • Kick-start a rather special adventure (think ice, snow, a few pilots and an aircraft or two!)

So, I hope I'm not too boring, and that you'll stick around and follow me about on my adventures as and when they happen!

Also, thanks to Lauren over at The Aerobatic Project for giving me the idea to do this!